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Posted by Lil J on December 28, 2011 at 7:30 PM

                         THE HEARTS OF RAPPING. 



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The first rapper displayed at the top is the well-known Marshall bruce mathers III A.K.A Eminem.He was born October 17,1972 in Detroit,mi.Eminem was discovered by Dr Dre who found Eminem's mix tape outside on the garage floor.Eminem is 5' 8",with black hair and brown eyes,and has a tattoo of his daughter (Haily Jade Scott) on his arm.He put countless effort's to be where he is today,even after he was told he wasn't going anywhere in the rap industry.All i could say is that Marshall bruce mathers III is one of the most talented lyrical genius in the world that has us wanting more of his music,He has effected us all with this gift.His music will live on even after he's gone.

Likes: Art, Acting , Basketball , football ,Hanging out with Friends , listening to music ,rapping , Writting , Watching Movies.

aurthor: jonel decius

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This next rapper known by the stage name of T.i,he was born on September 25,1980 in Atlanta georgia,united states (age 31)  
Mug shot of T.I. taken after his arrest in Tampa in 2003 Police had an arrest warrant on T.i for not completing the community service hours for assaulting a female sheriff at university mall in Tampa.
On February 19,2008, Clifford also known as T.i pleaded guilty for weapon charges,he was sentence to serve a year of house arrest and 1,500 of community service.
Aside from all his arrest over the year's,he is still known as one of the most hard working dedicated rappers who try's hard but for some reason he can't try hard enough to stay out of prison.In his music he is a positive influence on young adults and adults,he try's to warn people that prison isn't a good choice of place to spend your happy hours in.With all that said,i only got one thing to say to you T.i,don't drop the soap,It seems as if you enjoy being put in and out of prison. BUT IN ALL SERIOUSNESS CLIFFORD JOSEPH HARRIS JR,YOU WAS A GOOD INFLUENCE ON US KIDS,NEXT TIME WHEN YOU BEGAN BEING A ROLE MODEL STAY A ROLE MODEL!!! ALL RESPECT TO YOU T.I

-author : jonel decius

 And last but not least,HOPSIN,his rapping style says it all.Listen to his raps and see what i mean. .Hopsin is a well known underground rapper

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